The Smoky Dram is still alive

You may have noticed a lack of updates on the blog recently; in fact the last update was 14th June! This was due to me been laid low by some illness, even after going to the doctors 3 times before finally getting better. Then add to that a set of sick 5 months old twins, with the mother also being sick, and you can imagine it was not a nice last month or so for the Smoky Dram household.

But that is now in the past and onwards and upwards I say. Some things to look forward to on The Smoky Dram blog:

  • Next review
  • SA Ardbog day with WhiskyBrother
  • I reach my 100th whisky tasted with a blind sample. Thanks to Marc of @WhiskyBrother for the blind sample. Follow me on twitter (@TheSmokyDram) for my notes on what I think it is and the reveal from WhiskyBrother as to what is actually is.
  • More musings, more whisky news (mostly via my twitter feed) and even more reviews!

So until then, happy dramming!

EdwardThe Smoky Dram Whisky Blog


Your comments and thoughts are welcome . . .

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