Celebrating a couple of ones

Why a celebrations of ones? Well instead of the usual my blog is 1 year old, I decided to wait a little while longer, so I could celebrate my blog being 1 year, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day old! Hence the:

The Smoky Dram Whisky Blog

My first posts were on the reasons for another South African whisky blog, my first review (the stunning Laphroaig 10yo) and the news that a South African whisky, Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, won the award for the World’s Best Grain Whisky in the 2013 World Whisky Awards. Together with my blog I also joined the #WhiskyFabric on Twitter with my @TheSmokyDram handle.

Some of my milestones and statistics were: 

  • 50 blog posts (this one being the 50th!)
  • 37 blog followers
  • 30 reviews done (so far, more to come)
  • 1525 Twitter posts
  • 383 Twitter followers
  • 4 Tweet tastings (including the first one for South Africa)
  • 180 whiskies tasted

Some of my highlights from my first “official” year on my whisky journey were: 

What an amazing ride it has been so far. I am looking forward to the next leg(s) of this journey.


The Smoky Dram Whisky Blog

Your comments and thoughts are welcome . . .

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