I vaguely remember that my first introduction to whisky had been a sip or two from whatever my Dad was drinking, most likely a blended scotch. It has only been in recent years that my interest has grown into some sort of passion. It all started with a farewell dinner where the other diners wanted to end the evening off on a decent scotch. They ordered a Laphroaig 10 YO. I was hooked after the first sip.

I regularly (or as much time as my newly born twins will allow me) read up on any whisky news and reviews that I can get my digital hands on. Be it from the distilleries’ sites or other whisky blogs and websites.

I am partial to single malt scotch, especially the smoky (hence the name) peaty whiskies of Islay. However, I do not let that prevent me from trying other whiskies or to give my honest opinion on a whisky here as I am always keen to try a new or different whisky, because if you do not try it how would you know if you would like it or not?

I attend as many tastings as I can (or am allowed to) and love discussing varies whiskies with other like-minded people. It was though a discussion with some friends that we decided to form our own whisky tasting club. It was here that I started to make my own tasting notes. It was mainly as a means to help me keep track of what I tasted, what I thought about them (both the good and the bad) and what I needed to read up on and learn.

I am most certainly not a whisky expert by any stretch of the imagination. I always say that I am but a mere enthusiastic amateur. This blog allows me to share my views on the various whiskies that I get to savour, as well as any whisky news or whiskies musing that I may have. As with any type of art form, whisky and whisky tasting is subjective. So as much as will share my thoughts and comments, the final verdict on a whisky will always lie with oneself. Feel free to leave comments on any of my reviews or ponderings with your own thoughts or observations.


The Smoky Dram


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