The Whisky Agency Tomatin 35 YO

One of the oldest whiskies I have ever tasted, so far on my whisky journey, is the subject of my next review. It is the Tomatin 35 year old 1976/2011, from The Whisky Agency, using refill sherry butts. Only 313 bottles were produced. Thanks to @thedramdog for the tasting!

The Whisky Agency_Tomatin 35yo_1976_2011_The Smoky DramWhisky: The Whisky Agency Tomatin 35 YO,   51.4% ABV

Region: Highlands, Scotland

Style: Single Malt

Age: 35 Years

Tomatin Distillery is located in the Monadhliath Mountains just south of Inverness, capital of the Highlands of Scotland. Established in 1897 it is also one of the highest distilleries in Scotland at 315 metres above sea level. They now operate 12 stills, with a total capacity to just over five million litres, and as of 2007 produced around 2.5 million litres annually. All whisky distilling requires good water and at Tomatin the Alt-na Frith (Free Burn), which springs up deep within the Monadhliath Mountains, supplies the distillery with as much as they need

As an independent bottler, The Whisky Agency aims to source and offer whiskies of maximum drinking quality. They are a group of enthusiasts selecting only such whiskies that they would like to drink themselves – regardless of age, distillery name or cask type & size.

Colour: Burnished gold to amber with very many thick and slow legs. 

Nose: Attractive sweet nose with some alcohol burn (but in a very good way) upfront. This quickly mellows out to allow in some sherried notes, caramel (slightly burnt) and tropical and citrus fruits. Towards the end there are also some lovely Christmas cake fragrances.

Palate: Intense pepper spiciness (tip of tongue) at first, almost feels hot, but with a sweetness to it. One then gets more of the nose again, such as the burnt caramel, Christmas cake (nutmeg, raisins and some cinnamon). A wonderfully complex palate that one should savour.

Finish: Spicy and fruity while also being clean and long. It has a sweet end at the back of ones mouth as well as a warm glow.

Overall: This is a powerful and intense whisky. It has lots of fruit, spice and complexity to it and for me it drinks and feels a lot younger than its actual age. This is one to really sit and appreciate.

My Score: 89